Born in Perpignan, France I grew up in a small village in the foothill of the Pyrenees mountains, south of France.
After travelling to and from Australia with my parents for most of my life, I decided to settle down in Brisbane, Australia. I am now currently living in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with my wife and children.

I started making beads as a hobby, I remember seeing in a magazine someone melting glass with a torch and I found it really interesting. It took me a few years to actually try it myself but in 2009 I bought a cheap torch and some glass and started melting it. Instantly I was hooked !!

A few years after that at the end of 2011 I became serious about it, I upgraded my equipment and by 2012 I decided to make beads full time for a living.
I really love what i’m doing, melting glass is a very relaxing kind or meditative process, glass itself is an amazing material it starts hard but can be as liquid as honey and everything in between.

I hope you all enjoy looking through the website and don’t hesitate to contact me for anything 🙂